Hari Raya Hamper

Singapore is a multi cultural country where many races are living together peacefully. One of the biggest event in Singapore is Hari Raya Celebration. Hari Raya is a Malay word which means The day of happiness. People give gifts to each other on this special day. One of the gift which attract the attention is a pyramid hamper which can be seen only in Singapore or some other countries. It is a hamper in pyramid shape.

Hari Raya Hamper normally contain food items and it is design and arrange in such a way that the colorful food boxes give an extra touch and attraction. The height of the hamper also vary, it depend on the items used in side. 

Creating such hampers require some skills too. The arrangement of the items must be in order to end up in a pyramid or conical shape. People feel happy in taking and giving this hamper to their love one living in Singapore.

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